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About Bahador

Chasing a Dream

At the age of 16 he decided he wanted a career in food presentation and cooking. He received encouragement from his family and soon began catering events for friends and extended family. But he felt limited in Iran, since he wanted to learn about cuisines from other cultures. So, at age 19, Bahador left Iran and relocated to Germany, where he studied food decoration, became a sous-chef, and learned about international cuisines. After 18 months he moved to the United States. His first stop was in Dallas, TX, where he started his own catering business in 1986. His guiding principles were to always go the extra mile to purchase the freshest ingredients, to prepare authentic cuisine from time tested recipes and to present that food in the most imaginative and aesthetically pleasing manner possible.

A Multi-Faceted Artist

Bahador’s unique combination of talents included art and design as well as culinary skills. He was a gourmet dish designer, loved interior design, and was a natural party planner. Therefore, he shied away from working in restaurants where he would only get to do one thing day in and day out. He loved the variety and excitement that came with planning and executing a customized luxury event.

About Bahador

The Dream Is Realized

For someone who can trace his own humble beginnings to a small kitchen back in Iran, it was a strut in the right direction when Bahador made his dream a reality by setting up his own catering business in 1987. Now, nearly 30 years later, Bahador Events is among the most sought-after caterers and event planning companies in Los Angeles. And the same concept and principles of freshness and authenticity remain.